Where to start - Ballet FAQ's

Confused about ballet classes? There are lot of different kinds of classes and several dance organisations that offer ballet exams. 

Where to start?  As a qualified RAD ballet teacher, Kylie follows the Royal Academy of Dance Code of Conduct and Professional Practice and teaches both RAD syllabus ballet classes as well as non-syllabus classes. The Royal Academy of Dance is a worldwide organisation that seeks to promote knowledge, understanding and practice of dance on an international level. RAD ballet classes consist of two strands - Graded and Vocational.

Graded classes range from Pre School level (ours are called tiny ballet dancer classes) up to grade 8 and are ideal for children who want to learn the joy of ballet and can commit to one or two classes per week. Examinations are not compulsory but are available to give students a goal to work towards should they wish. Graded classes do not include pointe work.

Vocational classes are for students who posses a good grounding in ballet terminology and who want to develop their technique and artistry, possibly with a view to pursuing a career in dance or dance teaching. Vocational classes are rewarding but hard work, and students are expected to commit to a minimum of two classes per week. These classes will include pointe work once the teacher feels a student is ready and has gained enough strength in their legs and feet. 
Vocational classes begin with intermediate foundation and go up to advanced 2 level and with the exceptions of intermediate foundation and advanced foundation all exams are compulsory in order to progress to the next level of study. 

Non syllabus classes are classes that do not follow a set syllabus but use free music and exercises that can vary for week to week or term to term. They are ideal for students who do not want to work towards exams or who want to challenge themselves to learn more new material. Many adult ballet classes are non syllabus, although exercises from a syllabus can often be added in where appropriate for the students. Adult ballet is a great way to keep fit and learn a bit more about this fantastic art form. If you are looking for adult ballet classes please get in touch! 

What to wear?  Most schools will have a specific uniform for graded and vocational classes that they like you to wear once you have signed up to classes. To begin with, it's important to wear something suitable and that you feel comfortable in. A t-shirt and leggings is ideal and little girls often like to wear a skirt to make them feel like a real ballerina!  If you don't want to buy ballet shoes straight away bare feet will be fine for the first few lessons. (Scroll down for dance wear website links.)

Details of our school uniform can be found on this terms page of the website. 

You can also find more information and dance wear on the RAD website. 
Our nearest dance wear stockist is Tutu 2 Tango, in Basingstoke, who kindly offer a 10% discount on uniform for The Tiny Ballet School. 
Another good website for dance wear and shoes is dance direct.

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